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Yanik Falardeau presents

Club Med Punta Cana Smile Team Center

Inspired by the Wynwood Walls district in Miami Florida, Club Med commissioned me to create several murals to add beauty, vibrant colours, and positive energy to  transform the living and common spaces of their workers (both G.O. and G.E quarters) I spent 23 days at the Club Med in Punta Cana in October 2018 and created 6 large scale murals and two smaller vignettes to the delight of local and international staff. You can visit the Club Med murals portfolio page by clicking here.

I was blessed to be invited back to Punta Cana in early December to wrap the new Team Center with a colorful mural that measured nearly 300 feet by 20 feet high. Highlight photos of this wonderful project are below.

Club Med Punta Cana

Smile Team Center

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