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Yanik Falardeau presents

Alignment Art Murals and Vignettes for Hakini

Art transforms spaces and opens conversations. Are you ready to step into a magical and sacred space? Please enjoy the video on the left

HAKINI – Clinique d’Ostéopathie et École de Yoga

Mural and Vignettes

Can you imagine how my art will transform your space?


Julien Devaud & Geneviève Gignac – Hakini

It was such an honour and a pleasure to create a mural for Geneviève and Julien at Hakini, their beautiful Yoga Center and Osteopathy Clinic in Verdun, Quebec. The video to the left is in French, but you can also click on their names below to read an excerpt of their testimonials. Infinite Gratitude✨ 💖 ✨

We wanted to create an oasis in the urban jungle where people could get grounded and feel welcomed. Yanik’s mural greatly surpassed our expectations!

We chose to establish our business in this space because of all the windows and natural light in our yoga studio. But unfortunately, but there isn’t any natural light in our welcome lobby area. We felt that a beautiful piece of art could compensate for the lack of light and transform the space. We wanted our guests to feel welcomed so they could contemplate and feel relaxed and comfortable as they wait for a treatment or yoga class. So, It’s fantastic! The mural is perfectly integrated with our space. It’s a very immersive experience. Yanik’s work is colossal we are so thankful for her art and contribution to our space. -Julien Devaud

We feel as though we are in nature and we can sit in one of our hammocks and spend hours looking at the mural to see all the small details that were incorporated. There is so much depth to the piece that it really feels as though we are there with the tree and the mountains. Every colour, every symbol, every animal has a reason for being there. There are magic touches throughout the mural  and it feels as though we will still be discovering new things for months to come. -Geneviève Gignac

What would you like me to create for you?

Yanik Falardeau

Yanik Falardeau – Alignment Artist

I love hearing about your visions and projects. Thanks for getting in touch with me. Please connect on facebook or messenger if you want to get in touch quickly. Infinite Gratitude and Abundant Blessings.